If you rest, you rust!

Professional development

A business depends on the commitment of its team to survive, and can only continue to develop successfully with the support of that team. Accordingly, on-going professional development is essential. Enterprises from all economic sectors support their employees in the Northwestern region through the use of targeted skills development.

In doing so, they are responding to advances in technology and business that require life-long learning in each employee's sphere of activity. Oldenburg-based AOK knows all about meeting its employees' thirst for knowledge and addressing their readiness to develop themselves: alongside job rotations and role-specific seminars and workshops, employees are regularly able to take advantage of training opportunities with a wide variety of themes. AOK relies on the skills of its own employees and as a general principle, it mainly appoints internally when filling open vacancies. The trust placed in the employees is based on basic qualifications and skills development that benefit the entire organization, from the leadership downward.

Adult Education

Training has an important role to play, not just for society as a whole, but in relation to personal development. Community colleges meet the need for personal development through knowledge. From Ammerland to Aurich, Cloppenburg, Diepholz, Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven, there is a wide range on offer.

Just the Oldenburg "Volkshochschule" (Community College) boasts hundreds of courses. Participants can learn languages including Arabic, Chinese and Estonian, or undertake professional development, improve their specialist knowledge, improve their computer skills, or study topics such as art, culture and society. The fields of health and nutrition are also comprehensively covered, while tips and tricks for everyday living and improving lifestyles are also offered. The offer extends beyond learning for adults as well. There are also special courses for children and young people.

The community colleges continually strive to develop further: in Großenkneten, women are shown how to reintegrate themselves into the world of work and in Delmenhorst, beginners learn how to use iPhones, while in Ganderkesee contemporary art is on the curriculum.

Overview of Community Colleges

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