Striking the right balance

Tolerance and acceptance

In order to live together successfully as a community, tolerance and acceptance of difference are vital, as are friendly interactions with one another. The Northwest also values the importance of building communities as a sociopolitical goal, involving people of every generation, nationality and religion. Local government, the churches and other institutions offer facilities that are used as meeting points by visitors in order to get to know people in similar situations, to undertake different activities together and to support and encourage each other as parents, helping one another to meet the challenges of bringing up children. That is why there are breakfast clubs, opportunities for counselling and support for all of life's issues, as well as courses and meetings that provide an outlet for creativity.

Young families in particular can find lots of different group offers that are specially tailored to meet their needs. These include toddler groups and playgroups for children as well as language learning programs for people from migrant backgrounds.