Feeling good

Excellent quality of life

People in the Northwest are more relaxed than people elsewhere. In Lower Saxony and Bremen, people worry significantly less than in other German states. At least, that is what the so-called Anxiety Index published by a major German insurer says.

Compared to the elemental force of the North Sea and the trust placed in the protective dykes, weak economic growth and banking crises seem to fade into the background. That doesn't mean that people in the Northwest are completely carefree. Social cohesion in this highly rural region is perhaps a little stronger than elsewhere.

People love learning here, making small talk with their neighbors and helping one another. Many excellent examples are provided by the high levels of voluntary work in social clubs and social initiatives. And people look out for one another, so that people's feeling of safety is more than just a subjective perception. Large numbers of young people, for whom the world is their oyster, return to their homeland.

Committed to children

Children are an asset to society and represent its future. That is no different in the Northwest: on the contrary, a central goal of local government organizations is the creation of a family-friendly environment to enable children to develop successfully in a carefree atmosphere. It is therefore normal for childcare facilities such as nurseries, kindergartens, playgroups, after-school groups, daycare and parent-and-child groups as well as babysitters and holiday care to be provided.

Everything should - as far as possible - be provided within reach of the child's home. Neighborhood development also takes into account the availability of play areas, including the possibility of creating one. That is why there are over 150 children's play areas in the city of Oldenburg alone. The interests of slightly older young people are addressed in youth centers, for instance in music workshops where people can try out instruments or their voices.