Anything but boring

Flying high and in the thick of the action

Elite sport is yet another expression of the joyful and passionate approach to life in the Northwest. The outstanding successes of the soccer team, Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga and EWE Baskets in the federal basketball league, as German champions in 2009, the Artland Dragons and of the first division ladies' handball players of VfL Oldenburg have attracted national attention on the region and provide a strong sense of identity among fans. The Marschwegstadion in Oldenburg and the Weser-Ems-Halle as well as the EWE Arena have played host to international matches and major boxing events. Each week, the numerous amateur teams bring people together at sports grounds and indoor facilities, thereby building a sense of community.

The regular, top-class equestrian events in Oldenburg, Rastede and Vechta are of particular importance for the Northwest. Equestrian sports and industry have traditionally played a major economic role, particularly in the districts of Cloppenburg and Vechta. The sports of Faustball ("fistball") and the Frisian national sport, Bosseln ("road bowling") are also maintained at the very highest levels in the Northwest.

Festivals and Events

The culture of festivals in the Northwest is as varied as it is unique: art is lived and exhibited in all its multi-faceted glory. Classics such as the Deichbrand Festival in Cuxhaven-am-Meer attract thousands of visitors each year. New ideas continue to find fertile ground and are met with enthusiasm in the region: the Street Art Festival in Wilhelmshaven set a world record with the largest 3D image that had ever been produced. Once a year, visitors enjoy numerous works by German and international artists, who bring famous paintings, their own creations and 3D motifs onto the city's cobbled streets.

Soar up, up and away with "Dragons over Lemwerder": with an accompanying musical stage show, hang glider shows (known as 'Drachen' in German, which means 'dragons') delight young and old alike. Teams from all over Germany and Europe fly up to 250 hang gliders in the sky at once. Another highlight of the year's festivals in the Northwest is the Summer of Culture in Oldenburg, with over 70 events featuring music, dance, theater, film as well as other colorful and artistic attractions.

Celebrations and traditions

In the Northwest, we celebrate enthusiastically and often. From the Stoppel Market in Vechta to the Kramer Markt in Oldenburg, the Guild Festival in Wildeshausen or the Gallimarkt in Leer: these folk festivals have grown consistently over time while remaining true to their historic roots. They are accompanied by large processions through town centers where the inhabitants join in with floats and marchers in the parade. The focus of the harbour festivals in Brake an der Weser and in Wilhelmshaven an der Jade is, as you would expect, the hustle and bustle of maritime life, shipping and fishing. Towns and communities line up to host town festivals and Christmas markets.

Even lovers of the Carnival parades will find all they're looking for in the Northwest: at the "Damme Carnival" or "Carnival around the Ring" in Ganderkesee, the town goes a little crazy for a few days. Themed events, such as the Oldenburg Ceramics Days (which are well known far beyond the region's borders) and the country fairs in Schloss Gödens round out the picture.