An Economic Powerhouse

Market leaders and SMEs

In economic terms, the Northwest is among Germany's most outstandingly successful regions. The single greatest contribution to that success comes from the powerful, dynamic performance of the Mittelstand, Germany's economic powerhouse of medium-sized enterprises. They operate in a plethora of significant, future-oriented sectors and make an active contribution to the region's development.

The Northwest additionally boasts big names, including as companies that have excellent reputations in European and global markets. The spectrum extends to cover the agricultural machinery factories of the Amazone Group and Grimme, CEWE photo books and Enercon turbines through to Bruns tree nurseries and Big Dutchman farming equipment, all of which are leaders in their respective markets.

What's the reason for that? It could be that successful, future-oriented businesses are so highly valued here, while those businesses in turn emphasize the human factors. One thing is clear: anyone who is ready to assume responsibility in their career, and who is keen to progress that career, will find the best conditions and opportunities here in order to do so.

Young entrepreneurs

Start-ups and young entrepreneurs encounter a business environment in the Northwest that is extremely supportive and open to innovation, which means that they are keen to establish themselves in this high-growth region. They generate new ideas through their energy and creativity and enrich the region as a whole with their innovation and drive.

A range of private and institutional investors provides them with capable support. Technology and innovation centers, which are currently to be found in Nordenham and Varel, Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, have been established specifically for them, combining attractive premises with seminars and additional business-related services.

The innovation centers provide a space for careers to take root, where ambitious newcomers are turned into "Hidden Champions" by allowing them to concentrate on their core competences. Staff turnover is low because they successfully inspire motivation and a sense of identity within the business.