Short distances

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Kingston Upon Thames (Great Britain), Groningen (The Netherlands), Taastrup (Denmark), Cholet (France), Eastern Cape (South Africa), Mateh Asher (Israel), Machatschkala (Russia)

Groningen (The Netherlands), Dalian (China), Durban (South Africa)

Bad Zwischenahn
Centerville (Ohio, U.S.A.), Izegem (Belgium), Goluchow (Poland)

Grimsby (Great Britain), Cherbourg-Octeville (France), Frederikshavn (Denmark), Pori (Finland), Szczecin (Poland), Kaliningrad (Russia)

Bernay (France)

Versatile travel infrastructure

Short journey times equal quick decisions: from ports, on the canals and rivers, on roads, rails or in the air, the region's flexible logistics options are appreciated by more than just the business community.

The Northwest strikes the right balance between different modes of transport. Due to its proximity to the city center, Bremen International Airport is designated a city airport. It is served by flights to a range of major European cities as well as vacation destinations. The Northwest also has general aviation facilities at Ganderkesee, Hatten and Mariensiel. Bremen International Airport is easily accessible from the west via the A1 autobahn and from the north from the A27 and A281 autobahns, with the A281 being located directly alongside the airport. It also has connections to the local transportation network, with connections to major destinations that depart every five minutes via the central train station and the downtown area.

Other major transportation hubs include Bremen Central Train Station, with its connections via the InterCity Express high speed train service to Munich, and the central train station in Oldenburg. Oldenburg is connected to long-distance routes via the InterCity line between Norddeich and Leipzig, with departures every two hours. The station also offers InterCity Express connections to Dresden and Munich.